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What Is The Med Spa Growth Accelerator™?

CRM & Automation System Built Only For Med Spa’s

Tools & Software integrated into a system built using the Med Spa business model, including customer management, automated booking, and treatment follow-ups, automated SMS / Email Marketing, & NOW with ads & sales dashboard.

Magnetic Video Prospecting Guide

A digital video ads formula that is currently generating between 5-10X Marketing ROI for our Med Spa Clients.

Sales Training & Dedicated Appointment Setting Teams

Through years of research and experience working with Med Spa’s we know getting high-quality leads is the easy part, ensuring they’ve converted to bookings and then up sold is where the real growth is at. Weekly Sales Coaching Calls Weekly Sucess Management Calls Bi-Weekly KPI & Strategy Calls.

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We have a fully built out lead nurturing system that allows us to maximize conversions and give you as many “at-bats” as possible.

Whether you decide to opt for appointments or just have us provide leads, we provide free access to our lead nurturing platform either way.

Text, email, call, and schedule appointments all from within our app. All on auto-pilot.

Meet The Founder

Amaan Khan

Amaan spent the last 5+ years managing and coaching MedSpa and Aesthetic Clinic Owners with his agency Reflexion Digital.

He has spent over 1000s of Ad $s collecting data and insights from Aesthetic Med Spas’ all across America.

He has spent even more in training, development, and tools to amplify the impact he and his team have on businesses in this industry.

His vision to develop and scale clinics and teams in this industry resulted in the Med Spa Growth Accelerator™, The Med Spa Marketing Codex™, and the soon-to-be -launched Med SpaSales Accelerator™.

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